Optimize Pay for Performance Bonuses

Practices can increase their bonuses from insurance companies by better tracking their finances and practice workflow. Physicians get pay for performance bonuses by keeping more patients on protocol, which requires getting patients into the office, and then making sure that nothing is missed during their visit. Read on to see the services and products that the Medical Consultants Group offers.

Products that Boost Pay for Performance Bonuses

Is your practice organized? Find out how your practice can better manage employees and patients to successfully keep patients and boost performance bonuses. Our consultants can give you a free analysis showing what products would best suit your practice’s needs.

Get More Patients In The Door By Educating Them

By automating patient notifications, your practice can communicate with patients and educate them on why they need to schedule their next visit. This automated system tracks and facilitates patient communication, and in turn decreases the amount of time and effort spent trying to get in touch with patients. This program will help your patients know when to take action and schedule an appointment, and your practice can spend time focusing on patient treatment.

Workflow Management That Keeps Patients Coming Back

The consultants at Medical Consultants Group work to ensure that practices are running smoothly and efficiently. Our team visits the practice, takes notes on how the current workflow process is operating, and then recommends workflow management solutions for your team. This consulting can be an excellent way for your practice to stay on track with their workflow.

In addition, we offer tools to help keep your medical staff on track. With systems that allow physicians to see exactly what needs to be done during each patient visit, you never miss a beat and patients leave happy that all of their medical needs were addressed.

Consult with Medical Consultants Group on Pay for Performance Bonuses

If your practice could use more organization, contact the Medical Consultants Group for organizational tips and workflow strategies. Call (404) 272-4883 or fill out our online contact form for a free analysis for your practice.