Improving Patient Satisfaction & Retention

With patient deductibles skyrocketing , it is more important than ever to make a positive patient experience a priority for your practice. Now that higher deductibles are a common occurrence for patients, practices can benefit by focusing on patient satisfaction and retention.

Creating a Positive Patient Experience with the Medical Consultants Group

Practices that take advantage of the benefits from Medical Consultants Group can improve their patient’s experience by measuring and managing patient satisfaction and patient retention. Read on for the specific ways that our services can help your practice and help your patients by making sure your patients keep coming in for regularly scheduled doctor visits.

Innovative Patient Engagement Techniques

The Medical Consultants Group offers software that automates patient communication and notification. This technology allows practices to automate follow-up messages to notify patients when any test results are available or to inform them of the next steps they should be taking after their visit. This helps to create healthier patients and increases compliance with the physician’s plan of care.

This automated patient notification system makes it easy for patients to receive their medical messages through a HIPAA compliant system. The patient communication system works to allow patients to receive their messages via hassle-free via text, voicemail, or email. This is a convenient way for practices to speak with their patients about their medical needs through a secure communication system.

Simplifying Patient Balances

Practices are more likely to collect on patient balances when patients understand what they owe and have options for making payments. The Medical Consultants group has the technology to help your practice simplify patient balances to benefit both the patient and the practice.

We offer a system that allows practices to predict what the patient will owe, over and above their co-pay at the time of service based on the medical treatment received and their current deductible status, so that patients have the option to pay before leaving the office, or to set up an automatic payment plan that both the patient and the practice can live with.

The software allows practices to keep credit card information on file, making it convenient for the practice, and one less bill for the patient. With the Exchange EDI software, there are no surprise payments, encouraging your patients to continue their wellness visits as scheduled.

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