Decrease Malpractice Insurance & Defend
Against Frivolous Lawsuits

Keeping your practice a safe and protected from frivolous lawsuits is essential to your longevity and success. The Medical Consultants Group utilizes two different programs to help clinics protect themselves against rising malpractice costs and defend against any petty lawsuits that may impede your practice.

Decreasing Malpractice Insurance Costs for Your Practice

At The Medical Consultants Group, we work with SaferMD, a program to help lower malpractice insurance rates. With SaferMD, the Medical Consultants Group can help you come up with a plan to lower malpractice risk. Once your practice has implemented the plan, your practice can be eligible for a Patient Safety Discount from your malpractice insurance that usually results in a 20-25% reduction in your malpractice insurance premiums.

Many malpractice cases are a result of poor physician-patient communication. Finding a way to document patient communication is typically the first step in your plan to reduce your malpractice insurance costs.

With SecuReach software, patient notification is easy. This automated notification system tracks patient communication in real time, and through it’s ability to prove that the patient received and heard the entire message, take away any doubt that your practice did it’s job. By tracking if and when patients have listened to your message, your practice can prevent any lawsuits or other problems that may arise because of miscommunication, making it easier to negotiate lower malpractice insurance rates.

Defending Against Frivolous Lawsuits with Automated Messaging Systems

Our team at Medical Consultants Group understands the ridiculous claims that may come your way in the medical world. Why not protect your practice and commit to serving your patients more easily?

The automated patient notification system from SecuReach is a HIPAA secure system that allows patients to enter into their patient portal and receive messages regarding their appointments via voicemail, text message or email.

In addition to being helpful for patient engagement, it tracks:

The date and time the private health information was entered into your patient account
The date and time your patient was notified of patient information in their portal
The date and time your patient listened to their private health information

These factors will help you defend against petty lawsuits by proving that your patient was notified and did listen to the message from their healthcare provider. This system lowers the cost of communication, increases practice revenue, keeps more patients on protocol, and lets you improve patient health and outcomes.

This is another example of how The Medical Consultants Group helps practices decrease costs and increase practice revenues.

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