Medical Billing Cost Calculator

Do you pay your billing manager at least $14.00 per hour? If the answer is yes, the Medical Consultants Group can save you money and improve your billing performance.

Want to know how? Let’s take a look at the math:
On average, practices collect $40,000 per month.
Practices have to pay 7.96% in Social Security and unemployment, meaning that a billing employee making $14.00/hour is actually costing the practice $15.11/hour—and that’s before taking into consideration any software or hardware support, or even Management support and training.
There are 176 working hours per month. $15.11 X 176 = $2659.36
The cost of outsourcing your medical billing to the Medical Consultants Group is only 6%, which would cost the practice $2400, and save them $259.36 up front.
With an outsourced medical billing service, your biller never goes on vacation, and never takes a sick day. By outsourcing your medical billing, you only pay us if we collect, and you can dedicate more office space to patient care. Outsourced billing eliminates the expense of mailing and managing patient statements.

Interested in learning more about our medical billing services? Find out how the Medical Consultants Group can help your specific practice save money and run more efficiently by using our medical billing cost calculator below.