Medical Marketing

In today’s digital marketplace, potential patients are searching online to the find the physician, practice, or medical specialist that is right for them. Will patients find your practice, or will they stumble upon your competition?

With strategic medical marketing plans customized for the unique needs of your practice, the Medical Consultants Group can help you and your staff create a compelling online presence that attracts new patients. Our creative and development partners specialize in online medical marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), innovative social media and branding techniques, and website development and design—all of which will boost your practice’s online visibility and help you and your staff connect with new patients.

How Can Medical Marketing Help Your Practice

Drawing on a variety of online medical marketing tools and resources, the Medical Consultants Group can help grow your practice with a customized set of services:


Improve your practice’s online visibility through extensive keyword research and proven organic search techniques.


Our expert search engine marketing team will optimize your medical website and create unique and compelling ads that perform better and gain visibility in search engine results.

Social Media Marketing

Interact with your existing patients and bring in new traffic with tailored social media content and targeted updates.

Website Design & Development

Attract new patients with an attractive, user-friendly website complete with enhanced, keyword rich content.

Attract New Patients with Localized Medical Marketing Strategies

With the help of Local Marketing, Inc., a full-service digital marketing firm, the Medical Consultants Group creates customized campaigns and unique content that will place your practice in front of potential patients. Our medical marketing experts know that patients seeking quality healthcare are looking for individualized care, and a strong local website that showcases your practice will give new patients the reassurance they need.

Quality, localized content and targeted SEO and SEM campaigns are essential to converting website visitors into new patients. Our customized medical marketing strategies provide practices with the resources they need to connect with new patients and establish better conversion rates.


Call the Medical Consultants Group today to learn how targeted medical marketing can increase your practice’s patient acquisition rate and boost overall profitability. Our consultants can help you turn visitors into conversions with the support of Local Marketing Inc.

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