What Can Outsourced Medical Billing Services
Do For Your Practice?

According to a recent National Healthcare Exchange report, most doctor’s offices spend up to 14% of total practice revenue on processing claims for reimbursement.

Does that number sound about right for your practice? (If you aren’t sure, take a moment to see for yourself using our Medical Billing Cost Calculator.)

Practices who are currently spending up to 14%–or more—of their total practice revenue on in-house billing and claims administration are missing out on a huge opportunity to cut costs and open up possibilities for increasing revenue.

Why Should I Hire a Medical Billing Service?

By partnering with the medical billing experts of the Medical Consultants Group, your practice will pay less to earn the same amount—and with our help, physicians and practices can collect 90 percent of all outstanding insurance claims within just 60 days.

Aside from helping practices recover the money that they’ve earned, our medical billing specialists have the tools to manage patient accounts, which includes sending out statements and making calls.

Spend Less Time on Medical Billing and Paperwork

A recent study of over 5,000 physicians found that over 60% of today’s doctors spend more than one full day a week on administrative tasks, including billing. That means that physicians are spending a significant portion of their valuable time away from patients. Not only does this negatively impact the quality of patient care, it also prevents physicians from bringing on more patients and opening new revenue channels.

Streamline Your Medical Billing Process

Recent surveys suggest that over 50% of practice managers and physicians are looking for ways to streamline the medical billing process. This is where outsourced medical billing services truly shine.

When you outsource your billing, there’s no need to maintain an in-house administrative staff, or to burden existing practice staff with these tasks.

Minimize Medical Billing Errors

Our medical billing specialists are experts in their field. And, unlike doctors and practice staff, your practice’s profitability is their number one priority. When you choose to outsource your billing with the Medical Consultants Group, you’ll see the number of errors and claim denials significantly reduced.

Improve Practice Profitability with Medical Billing Services

If you feel that your practice could benefit from outsourced medical billing services, contact the Medical Consultants Group at (404) 272-4883, or reach out via our online contact form. Schedule your medical billing evaluation at no charge today.