Telemedicine Solutions

The Southern Medical Consultants Group is very pleased to be in the Telemedicine business. We believe that Telemedicine offers the opportunity to not only improve patient care and outcomes, but to improve practice revenue and profitability. Most states have already approved Telemedicine and most insurance companies are paying for telemedicine visits at almost the same rate as in-office visits.

From a patient’s point of view, a telemedicine visit is much easier to manage than going to the doctor’s office. They can complete the visit from anywhere in a short amount of time. Their co-pay is less and they get to talk directly to their clinician. This improves patient satisfaction and increases loyalty to the practice.

From the practice’s point of view, the cost of the telemedicine visit is less because the average telemedicine visit takes less time. The reimbursement is almost the same as that for an in office visit so the profitability for the practice is greater. Since it is easier for patients to comply if they can do a visit via telemedicine, more patients do comply and are on protocol. More patients on protocol means better PQRS scores and better pay for performance bonus payments.

The Southern Medical Consultants Group offers you a variety of choices that meet your unique Telemedicine needs. Offering choices for both stand-alone and EMR suites (with a Telemedicine built in), we can offer you options that directly meet your specific needs and practice’ goals.

By improving patients’ outcomes and practices’ profitability, Telemedicine is really a WIN-WIN for everyone.