3 Keys to Successful Population Health Management

If you practice medicine in today’s healthcare landscape, you already know that big changes are coming. New healthcare reform guidelines are changing the way that practices operate, and it’s becoming more and more difficult to run a profitable, patient-centered facility.

While change is hard, it can give you the opportunity to re-think things and make improvements. One thing is for sure; it is important for physicians and administrative staff to ensure that proper population health management procedures are in place.

By focusing on the three keys to population health management, your practice can see more patients, provide better healthcare, and improve profitability.

Make the Most of Your Electronic Health Record System

While technology has put patient data at your fingertips, unorganized data is no better than the paper filing systems of yesterday’s medical industry.

The first step to successful population health management is to get your patient health information under control. Most EHR systems offer practices the ability to set up specific protocol for patient populations, ensuring that no step is missed. This means that your patients will receive better healthcare, and your practice will be able to consistently receive of “Pay for Performance” bonuses offered by insurance companies.

Empower Primary Care Physicians

In the modern medical practice, advanced technology should always be coupled with a “high-touch” approach. Successful population health management requires hands-on care from the primary care physician (PCP) as well as a network of medical specialists.

With the impending shortage of primary care physicians, it is even more important to create a network of medical professionals who are responsible for the care of specific patient populations. By appointing the PCP as the “CEO” of a comprehensive population treatment plan, primary care physicians can manage a range of specialists and technologies to deliver the best care available.

Encourage Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a critical element of successful population health management. Under the new model of healthcare, physicians and administrative staff must establish and build on patient relationships to ensure that protocol is followed both in and out of the office.

Again, we encourage practices to embrace a hi-tech and high-touch approach. While a customized EHR allows physicians and practices to provide patients with the information they need to take ownership of their healthcare, this technology is often ineffective without a strong patient-physician relationship.

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A successful population health management strategy requires careful planning. With the help of the Medical Consultants Group, your practice can gain the tools necessary to optimize technology and patient engagement—both of which are key to unlocking the power of patient population management.

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