Population Health Management

Clinically speaking, population health management is a term that refers to the management of particular groups of patients. For example, many practices manage the wellness of patients diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, and other chronic conditions by keeping these patient populations on protocol.

How Can Population Health Management Help My Practice?

Improving your practice’s ability to manage populations of patients does three things:

Improves the quality of care your patients receive.

At the end of each day, providers will be able to pull a report to see which patients on any protocol received the treatments and/or observations the protocol dictates. Pulling the report at the end of each session allows medical providers to see who should have done something that wasn’t completed.

Physicians can then immediately review the steps in the protocol with the person responsible and explain the importance of the step(s) that were left out. The immediacy of the attention combined the ability to see which patients are on and off protocol allows practices to provide more comprehensive care for each patient population and ultimately keep more patients on protocol.

Increases the revenue that your practice accumulates.

Your practice will receive more revenue because every step that is missed in a protocol is a step for which you didn’t charge. Making sure that all of the required steps have been taken will also ensure that all of the necessary treatments are included in the bill. One practice that implemented population health management for just diabetic patients was able to increase their monthly revenue by $2,500.

Mitigate the risk of legal action.

Practices that implement proper population health management practices are at a lesser risk of legal action. Why? Because if all patients are on protocol, you have provided them with a wonderful standard of care. The things a patient could complain about are limited because, by keeping patients on protocol, you did your job. When practices explain their enhanced ability to keep patients on protocol, malpractice insurance companies have reduced premiums by up to 10%.

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