Looking for a Consultant for Your Medical Practice?

Medical Practices face big challenges today. Healthcare technology is increasing and improving quickly. The kinds of software and the effects it can have on practice productivity are confusing.

Managers are challenged by the detailed, daily oversight needed to run today’s medical practices and may not have time to adequately research medical technology options. In many cases, these obstacles leave medical practices using obsolete systems that can contribute to patient dissatisfaction, employee stress and loss of revenue. The Medical Consultants Group has an idea that makes sense

RAPID (Revenues and Profits Increasing Dramatically) Consulting Program is designed to help medical practices quickly improve both revenue and profits. Principal and Consultant Frank Martin provides analysis and recommendations on what steps the practice can take to improve revenue and profits most quickly.

The Medical Consultants group has chosen a group of products and services that all can contribute to increasing practice revenue and profitability. Not all practices will need to start at the same place. The Medical Consultants Group has collected a unique blend of products and services all of which are designed to improve practice revenue and profitability.

Medical Practice Consultant Introducing the RAPID Program

The MCG plan is developed to tie together the complex dynamics of patient scheduling, workflow management, HIPAA Compliance, revenue cycle management, population management and practice marketing. Through in-depth evaluation, detailed oversight, accurate data-driven reporting and consistent review your practice can operate with less risk and more confidence, concentrating on what matters most, sustainable growth and profitability driven by great patient care.

Medical Practice Consultant

Medical Practice Consulting Specialties

  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Medical Practice Marketing and Branding
  • Operations and Office Management
  • Billing, Auditing and Collections
  • Patient population Management
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Practice Business Development Personnel Performance Metrics