ICD-10 Compliance

ICD-9, the current medical billing and coding system used in the United States, has a total of 13,600 CPT codes. ICD-10, which is looming on the horizon, has a total of 120,000 detailed CPT codes that practices will be required to use starting October 1, 2015.

Is your practice ready for this change?

If the answer is no, then you’re not alone. The good news is that there are a wide variety of toolkits and solutions available to help your practice ensure complete ICD-10 compliance by the October 2015 deadline.

U-Test-IT MD®: Your ICD-10 Compliance Solution

At the Medical Consultants Group, we use only the latest compliance solutions to help practices achieve their goals. U-Test-IT MD®, an innovative, cloud-based toolkit, is our solution of choice when it comes to ICD-10.

U-Test-IT MD® is a self-assessment toolkit that allows both single and multiple-site independent practices to integrate all ICD-10 compliance activities in one simple dashboard. As you complete each portion of the assessment, you’ll be able to track your progress.

After completing the assessment, our team will develop a completely customized compliance work plan that corresponds with the unique information provided by your practice. This project plan will include recommendations for vendor management, ICD-10 training, system inventory management, and more.

Begin the ICD-10 Transition Today

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Together, we can make your practice stronger.