Ashland Family Practice, LLC Case Study

Ashland Family Practice needed a reporting package that would integrate with their existing EMR and that could keep track of which patients were on and off protocol. They also needed an operational procedure that would help them quickly show them any oversights and train the staff on exactly what to do to make sure protocols were followed every day.

What Did the Medical Consultants Group Do?

Working with the Practice Administrator, the EMR software company, and an additional software vendor, we re-organized the data entered into the EMR and integrated that new data set with the reporting package. The new reports showed us which patients were on protocol, which patients were off protocol and what needed to be done to bring off protocol patients back on protocol. In addition, the reporting highlighted which employees at the practice needed the most training to make sure they did what the protocol required.

We worked closely with the Practice Administrator to develop a longitudinal reporting system for viewing all of the available data sets. Using this approach, the Practice Administrator was able to quickly identify any patient for whom a step had been missed and take corrective actions immediately.

The Results

Ashland Family Practice went from having less than 60% of patients on protocol to having more than 90% of patients on protocol. They received their “Pay for Performance” bonus, and were able to do all of the reconciliation and paperwork needed to prove performance in less than 2 hours. Prior to the installation and implementation of this reporting package, the reconciliation procedure took weeks.

In addition to receiving the “Pay for Performance” bonus, they increased revenue on diabetic patients alone by over $2500 per month. How? By keeping these patients on protocol.

In addition to these increases in revenue, they presented the new system to their malpractice insurance company, and explained that a patient off protocol was a greater risk for litigation and that the new system was helping the practice significantly mitigate that risk. The malpractice insurance company agreed and gave the practice a 10% discount.

The total economic impact of the new protocol reporting system is over $10,000 per month to the practice’s benefit.

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