Case Studies

Find out how the Medical Consultants Group has transformed practices with profitable, patient-centered solutions.

Medical Consultants Group works to make sure medical practices are able to treat their patients more effectively by managing their business better.

Additionally, many times the practice will save or increase revenue with suggested solutions such as revenue cycle management and outsourced medical billing services.

Below are just a few of the success stories from our clients, please contact Medical Consultants Group for more information on case studies.

Population Health Management Case Study

Ashland Family Practice, LLC – Ashland, Alabama

The primary care physician of Ashland Family Practice, LLC, was seeing 65 – 80 patients a day thanks to the wonderful operating system that he and his Practice Administrator had developed and configured into their software.

One of their insurance providers was paying a “Pay for Performance” bonus of 5% if a practice could keep more than a certain percentage of all patients in the practice on protocol.

However, Ashland Family Practice, LLC had no way to quickly tell which of their patients were on or off protocol. The Medical Consultants Group also recognized that the practice needed to do a better job of making sure all necessary observations regarding the patient were taken so patient care could be optimized.

Read the full case study to find out how the Medical Consultants Group increased the practice’s monthly revenue by $10,000.

Managing Patient Balances Case Study

An independent practice was spending $3 per statement per collection attempt after patients left the office. The practice was averaging a minimum of
3 collection attempts per patient.

This practice was spending over $5,000 a month in collection attempts alone, equaling over $70,000 a year in which only 40% was collected.

Find out more in the case study to see how Medical Consultants Group saved this practice revenue by streamlining their system for collecting patient balances.

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