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According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), there are over 100 safeguards recommended for the protection of patient health information. Of those 100+, most medical practices only have 30 – 50 of these safeguards in place—and most of those aren’t documented, so they won’t be credited during an official HIPAA audit.

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, there is no consolation prize for effort—if your practice doesn’t meet the rigorous standards set forth by the HIPAA Privacy Regulations, you could be hit with crippling fines at the least—at the worst, you could find yourself facing federal charges.

But, most medical practitioners and staff know that already. What they don’t know is how to ensure that all technical, physical, and administrative safeguards required by NIST are implemented and documented.

That’s where the Medical Consultants Group comes in.

First, our team will conduct an initial HIPAA risk assessment using an SCAP vulnerability scanner. If your practice is at risk for any one of the 62,000 known vulnerabilities, we will create a customized plan specifically for your practice’s HIPAA needs, complete with assigned responsibilities and completion dates.

On a quarterly basis, our team of HIPAA compliance experts will guide your practice through the necessary safeguard updates, and develop a new plan of attack for each quarter based on the remaining vulnerabilities.

What Are the Most Common HIPAA Compliance Risks?

Using specialized remediation software, the Medical Consultants Group can help you automate and simplify these key tasks required for HIPAA compliance:

  • Contingency planning
  • Incidence response plan
  • Breach notification
  • NIST compliant policies and procedures
  • HIPAA privacy impact and risk
  • Security awareness training

Although many of these tasks will require a surge of effort on the part of your medical practice and staff, they can be maintained through minor updates and checks once they have been implemented and automated.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

HIPAA compliance is an iterative, multi-step process that requires substantial effort on the part of your practice. Typically, a 3 year compliance plan implemented by our HIPAA information security team will ensure that your practice meets the requirements of “reasonable diligence.”

With a motivated management and a clear and detailed implementation plan, the process of becoming HIPAA compliant can be even shorter. Our team has worked with medical practices that focused on monthly risk assessments, rather than quarterly, and achieved HIPAA compliance in just two cycles.

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